I once overheard a woman, standing two feet away from me at an office party for a company where my husband worked, say with disgust that wearing curly hair was some kind of "statement", and that the women who wear their hair curly "can do something about it" but "they" purposely seek attention. I can't be 100% sure she was blatantly attempting to insult (instruct?) me, but I glanced around and noticed I had the curliest, and reddest, hair of anyone in the immediate vicinity.

I wanted to say something witty and universally defensive of curly hair, but then I suspected that was joining her game, whatever it was. Later, when I was introduced to her formally, (and she learned that her husband was in a management level that ultimately reported to my husband, who was CSO and a VP of the company), she wouldn't even look directly at me.

I never saw her again, otherwise I would definitely have pried from her whatever grief she met at the hand of some curly woman that ultimately caused her to feel that curls were symbolic of feminine rebellion.

jeepcurlygurl - your hair is stunning and absolutely beautiful. Every time I see your avatar I admire those curls. Boo hiss to "dyed, fried, old lady hair"!
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That woman sounds jealous, catty and insecure. My thoughts on curly hair (naturally curly) is that it often evokes strong feelings in others...it is wild, sexy, and yes, it is very overtly feminine. The loops/spirals/coils are round like the curves of a woman's body. So in a society where hair is often "tamed" into submission, a woman who proudly rocks her natural curls is sometimes viewed as a threat to social norms and the status quo.

I think that a somewhat Eurocentric mentality also plays a role in this, even for Caucasian women, because straight hair is pretty much forced on everyone as the notion of beauty. Curly/kinky and textured hair is definitely an attention-getter, which makes some folks uncomfortable if they subscribe to the notion that everyone should be or look the same. Curly hair stands out in a sea of people with stick-straight hair.

To me, curly hair IS definitely a statement, a positive one. It says: "I'm bold, I'm fun, I'm unique, I have a mind/personality of my own...I'm me!" And it can always be altered when you want a new look.

Sounds like that lady might have been jealous of some vivacious curly woman in the past who flirted with her husband or something. What did HER hair look like, anyway?