Hi all.. I need some guidance on something that happened today with my older son (He's 6 and in 1st grade)

I got the following email from his teacher today and it makes it hit home so much more due to the tragedy today....

I wanted to let you know about something that happened at school today. Liam and a couple other boys were not getting along on the playground and Liam said something about killing one of the other boys. I spoke with him about it and then later one of the other boys said it back to him. I had all 3 boys speak with our behavior specialist. I also talked with them about what an awful thing that is to say and trying to use other words to solve our problems. Liam was very upset afterwards. Usually these boys are friends but today there were definitely some feelings hurt. Hopefully Monday will be back to normal!

needless to say I was shocked by this email and brought it up with my son who proceeded to cry uncontrollably and say how sorry he was.. I told him that Daddy and I were sad in this behavior and that how it is not acceptable at all in the house no matter what!

I also apologized to him because I am guilty of watching marathons on TV that are probably not appropriate for kids (which sometimes he comes out of his room and sees me watching (Criminal Minds, L/O SVU) anyway, needless to say I won't be doing that anymore. My hubby said that it probably the main reason for the issue but I also brought up the point that he too plays games with him that aren't for his age (he won't be doing that either)

I explained that I would be taking away major privledgesif it happens again!!!!!

Any other suggestions are more than welcome!!!
Liam: 6 years old
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