So i went to my moms today, and decided taking my "too shea butter, no fragance conditioner" with me. We ended up making a funny little mixture to put into it (though is smells like old lady). I haven't tried it so far but i am going to try it tomorrow...

Anyway, what my kom said is that it would be ok to mixture about 40 drops of EO with 250ml conditioner. That shouldn't irritate your scalp - but she also said that peppermint oil, when used in abundant amount, can sometines lead to epileptic spasms... So she wouldn't recommend using it every day!

I'm new to this mix-your-own-stuff thing, but i normally do trust in what my mom says about the EOs ammount since she's the one with the books

Feel free to do some research and please tell me if you find any interesting infos

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