You know what, Coco...when I think about it some more, I'm inclined to agree with you as well.

Ms. Bond said that Schmidt was shouting at her in a lobby with other people around, while she herself didn't get loud and raise her voice. So it kind of makes me wonder if the manager would have been more polite to her had she not been a person of color. I mean, she might have been in a bad mood or having a bad day, but excuse for unprofessional conduct.

It sounds like she made a scene and was very aggressive, which might have embarrassed Ms. Bond.

And I agree with you that as people of color, we are often judged on many levels. So that might have played a part too. Sometimes it can be unconscious. I remember all the times I've been judged that way. There are added dimensions to it, like you color, hair, clothes, all of that.

There was also an incident recently at my local grocery store when I was in line at the deli. There were only two people, me and an older Black gentleman in his 70's. He was taking some time to figure out what he wanted and I don't think he knew there was a line system at the counter, but since he was there first, I had no problem with waiting patiently. The lady behind the counter was an older white woman. The man said "excuse me, miss" several times and she ignored him. But she looked at me, smiled this broad smile, and asked me sweetly if she could help me.

Note: I'm very light-skinned, to the point where I "pass" involuntarily for anything but black/biracial. So I wonder if that had something to do with it. But she seemed annoyed at having to serve this man. He also seemed surprised that I spoke up and indicated that he was there first. I also paid for his meal because I felt bad to see him treated that way. He thanked me, took his food, thanked her, and walked away. Then this heffa had the nerve to turn to me and make some comment about him. It just bothered me because she pretended not to see him, she was rude to him, but she had no problem with helping me because I appeared to be white or at least not black.

Sorry to veer O/T, but might not have been a racist incident with the hotel manager, but at the same time, you're right. The racial element is often present in daily life and it makes you more careful in your interactions in ways that other people don't necessarily have to be. Like when I go shopping, I'm mindful of the way I carry myself because depending on certain stereotypes/perceptions, I might either receive good service or be treated like a thief and followed in a store.