I have been dying my hair for years and years, and recently I have been bleaching and straightening. After my last bleach I determined I needed some help. I made the mistake of bleaching twice within two days due to a horrible color blend of orange and pink from my first attempt. I did the slip and slide test on my hair and noticed that it was very very bumpy which meant I had High porosity it said. But what exactly does this mean?

I was told to do a Mayo treatment on my hair, but is that going to help based on the porosity of my hair?
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I'm not sure of your hair type, but here are some treatments that could help...

Biolage Conditioning Balm with aloe (this stuff works wonders for all kinds of curly hair!)

Aphogee (a protein treatment)

L'oreal Mega Moisture Creme (comes in a light yellow tub w/dark green top)

Baba de Caracol (Dominican conditioner; don't be put off by ingredients)

Crece Pelo (Dominican conditioner)

Lanza Manuka Honey conditioner

natural remedies: avocado/honey
mayo can help, esp. for protein

I'm no expert, but it sounds like the high porosity comes from damage caused by the excessive dyeing/bleaching/straightening. Maybe you should try to focus on nourishing your hair with deep conditioners and nurse it back to health. Too many chemicals can roughen the cuticle and weaken your hair, plus the manipulation from straightening can hurt it, too.