I have thick coarse 4b hair , i think its 4b because the curl bend sharply , thats 4b right ?

I have medium short hair , very short by girl standards because im male i want to grow it very long ,

I first wetted my hair and apllied conditioner but I didnít apply enough water and conditioner and I kept detangling and now a section of my hair hurts , its like the feeling one someone pulled your hair in a fight and afterwards itís a burning pain , what should I do , can I repair it ?

How do i detangle very short hair ?

And How many times a day should I use a Leave in conditioner ? Im planning to purchase shea moisture leave in conditioner , what should i do if my hair feels dry hours after i apllied the leave in conditioner ?
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Hi Dragonwell...

is your hair at your ears, neck, or a bit longer? Do you have enough to make a small braid or twist? Not sure what you mean by "medium short".

With 4a/4b hair, I think it helps if your hair is thoroughly saturated with water and a very rich conditioner that gives it good "slip" when you detangle...that will make it less painful to comb out. I recommend a deep conditioner or Dominican conditioner, because these are the bomb.com for detangling purposes and just general softness.

Maybe you know this already, but it also helps to comb very gently with a wide-tooth comb and keep a spray bottle filled with water on hand to dampen your strands when necessary...you can also add a bit of oil if you wish.

I've never tried Shea Moisture products, but I hear good things, esp. about the Coconut Styling Milk and the Curl Smoothie. I'm not sure how many times a day leave-in conditioner should be used, but maybe you can experiment to see what works for you. Some of the others here can advise you on that better than I can.

It can be beneficial to take a supplement like biotin if you want to grow long, healthy hair...and eat as healthy as you can. Lots of dark green veggies, fish, chicken, drink water, etc. Invest in a soft brush or a Denman brush.

Hope that helps and good luck in your journey to beautiful hair!