@ Adthomas regarding ESPN commentator RG III statements

Why is he not "one of us"? Because has a white fiancÚ, maybe a republican, or used his brains? He is not the first black athlete to marry outside of his race (so what?), he may or may not be a republican (I greatly admire Colin Powell and is a republican), he actually used his brains (that is a novelty, actually as it relates to black athletes).

His statements were completely ignorant and pointless.
Originally Posted by juanab
I tend to agree. What Parker said was similar to if not exactly the same tearing down of African American men when they are different from the mainstream. I remember when RG3 was drafted and his behavior during the Heisman ceremony & he's a great guy. I don't care if he's a republican snowboarder who hunts ducks & dates Carrie Underwood. He's still an African American Male who will, if he hasn't already, experience the good & bad of what being "black in America" means. His being down for the cause is his business not Rob's. I'm surprised at this particular journalist because he's usually not that obnoxious. Stephen A. Smith on the other hand usually is. But on this day, the two switched roles. I hope Rob doesn't lose his job. This was a brain fart on his part imo

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