So, one week later and I finally decided to come back on and look at replies. I read what I imagined would be there. I switched products and stuff and it looks a little better. I need to learn to tolerate it if I can't like it. I have been doing that OK the last week or so. I find it really annoying that I keep reading how so many girl's boyfriends/hubbys like their hair straight. Every man I have ever been with and any friend or family member I have likes me better with straight hair. I think that's what gets me down too. (IN GENERAL): People just don't like it. Men don't like it. Read this: Curly vs. Straight: Which Do Men Prefer? - DivineCaroline

A lot of interesting stuff.

Here is a pic of my hair. Its not the worst curly hair in the world but it just doesn't fit my face. It makes it look fatter. That annoys me a lot.
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