Ugh, girl, you've got to be trolling. I mean, seriously. Who are these "people" you're so concerned about??

And "I read what I imagined would be there"? Pfft—You know everything to the point of being clairvoyant!

Do yourself a favor and grow a personality. Stop caring about what other people think of your hair.

I'm out.
|| 3b; normal porosity; fine/normal texture || CG since Feb 2010 || SD/dandruff prone

Current Routine BAQ henna 1/month Leave-in OH Hair Dew Cheapie Conditioner Tresemme Naturals Moisturizing
Old Stand-bys extra-virgin coconut oil Protein AO GPB; Moisture AO HR Style AOMMJ Kept for troubleshooting.
Waiting to try extra-wide curlformers SD treatment H&S Clinical Strength

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