I recently tried it. It doesn't last as long as they say, thank goodness. Pick two shades lighter than what you want.

I used a 7A and it came out dark brown. I wanted to cry because my hair is a dark blonde color.

I've only washed with low poo once a week since I did it about three weeks ago and it has faded much closer to my natural color.

It was much more gentle to my hair than permanent colors with strong developers I had been using.

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Originally Posted by wavedownsouth
I went ahead and used it a few weeks ago because I needed to cover my purple hair , but you're right about the color. I used 4n and it came out black. It looked like a level 1. My natural hair color is black, so I wasn't upset, I was just surprised that it made my bleached hair that dark. Now that it's been awhile, my hair is more brown looking. It didn't damage it or anything, so overall it's not bad. However, if anyone else is going to use it, make sure you go lighter than your desired color. And if it comes out dark, don't strip it, just wait, after a few washes it will lighten up.