Sorry for late response Korkscrew. Henna makes my gray strands a vibrant red but my naturally dark hair is just shinier. Amla darkens my hair but really doesn't change my gray. I have used a mix with equal parts henna/Amla & my gray strands were a bronzey red color. HTH.
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Oh, hey no problem! I'm responding back to you pretty late too

Thanks so much for letting me know how these powders interact with your hair. I'll probably see what you're talking about once I've completed these multiple strand tests I just set up.

So, I used my amla + coconut oil and I can't really report much difference from using plain coconut oil to pre-poo. :S Sorry I don't have anything more interesting to share!
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I appreciate this info. Am feverishly taking notes from everyone

Sat in my henna gloss yesterday for about an hour then did a moisturizing deep conditioner with Jessicurl. My hair is stronger and happier. It also has a lot of sheen and was particularly manageable. I will use the conditioner each week so I can give a full review of the effects. So far so good, my hair did seem 'plump' this morning. There has been no change in color.
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I look forward to your review

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