I just figured out why four different products didn't work for my hair after a year and half of trying new products. It feels so enlightening! (OK, maybe that's dramatic, but it feels great to finally figure it out.)

My hair hates Aloe Vera (aka Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice), the second ingredient in Giovanni Direct Leave In, CJ Curl Fuel, and CJ Rehab, and the third ingredient in CJ CCCC. It finally donned on my that the aloe vera was probably the reason each one of those products felt drying and rough on my hair.

So far that's the one thing my hair has truly rejected.

So tell me curlies, how did you come to find out which ingredients your hair doesn't like? Did it take months/years, or did you wake up and smell the coffee faster than I?

Plus: here's a pic of my hair now, since I haven't update my signature in a year. Forgive the bright eye makeup, I had just got home from a holiday party.
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