I'd been using 'cones and detergents on my hair my whole life cuz I knew nuthin 'bout reading ingredients (other than mineral oil & petrolatum). I ain't kno nuthin 'bout payin 'tention to my hair's behavior....until this past May.

I had got braids and was askin' people what I should DC with when they come down. Someone told me "Just olive oil." I was so stunned that I went on a Googling/YouTubing spree and learned the truth behind the success of so many black hair care product lines. I decided that my hair wasn't in the greatest shape NEway.....while it felt nice after conditioning, it wasn't really growing....... so why not change up my game and see what it does? I got rid of the 'cones and detergents and I liked what I was seein'.

PS: I had to use improper english cuz this was so serious to me!

Birth Feb 1984, First press 1990, First relaxer 1992, Last relaxer Oct 2006, BC Sept 2007, 4C, High Porosity, Protein Craving