Yes I did clarify one last time with a sulfate shampoo before cutting out the cones. How do I do the stretch test? I think that i've already read about it somewhere but can't remember how to do it properly and how to come to conclusions by doing it?

Glycerin, Keratin and Egg are all protein if i'm not wrong ...right?

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I like this site for explaining how to do it and what the results mean. http://www.organiccolorsystems.com/t...-stretch-test/

Ignore their specific product recommendations, it's a site geared toward professional colorists and the company is, of course, pushing it's own products. The info is good, though, and the names of their products actually help me make a better connection between the test results and what it means lol.

Keratin and egg are proteins. I don't think Glycerin is.
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