Herbnlife royal rinse shampoo. The consistency is literally like water and it's not great at lathering either. It took me a few tries to learn how to use it without wasting a bunch, I mean the first time I used it I used up a third of the bottle. Now I only use a small amount, maybe even less than regular shampoo. But anyway, despite the consistency and later, I LOVVEEE this stuff! It is my HG shampoo (low-poo actually), it cleans well and leaves my hair full of body, but at the same time, it moisturized, detangler, and leaves my hair ridiculously soft.
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I, too, use this stuff and love it. It's a great shampoo. I buy mine from Natural Vibes, LLC

They're also on facebook.

I've never ordered it from the other website. I've tried contacting via email to find out where if it's available in nyc but they don't respond. I don't really like that. It's an excellent shampoo and I think a lot of people would love it. My only complaint is that it doesn't last me long. I have a LOT of 4b/c hair. And I have several strategies that I use in order not to waste it. But it still doesn't last me as long as I'd like. My last shampoo, I picked up Dr. Woods Liquid Black Soap with shea butter and found that it had a somewhat similar feel though not exactly. I rinsed with ACV and conditioned. What I will probably do from now on is do an initial shampoo with the Dr Woods and a 2nd with the Royal Rinse. But I really wish small companies with good products would be more aggressive about distribution and do better with customer service. I also picked it up on denimpixie's rec. It's a winner!