I replied earlier but I just have to say that I believe for the most part people that are annoyed or bothered by the question must still be very young because once you get a certain age you really shouldn't care. Yes people have asked me that question a lot throughout my life but at this point it's really not a problem.

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3b-ish... normal to low porosity....med. texture
Wash: Desert Essence Coconut shampoo, Acure argon shampoo
Deep Trestment: Nature's Nectars deep conditioner/styler
Condition: Nature's Nectars luv-n-a-bottle, Nature's Gate pomegranate sunflower
LEAVE-IN:Nature's Nectars luv-n-a-bottle, Natures Gate pomegranate sunflower
STYLE: Nature's Nectars Sweet Shea butter blend, Ecostyler gel
hemp oil, jojoba oil

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