I went as a guest with a girlfriend to her yoga class yesterday. The instructor talked to us about the upcoming winter solstice and how it is celebrated as an acceptance of death and endings, letting go, and moving forward with birth and growth and new beginnings. Then we actually read Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, going around and every one reading a verse. Then we warmed up and began the 108 sun salutations that should welcome the upcoming solstice and the return to longer days and more sunshine.

Needless to say, 2 1/2+ hours of sun salutations isn't for everyone, so the instructor said when we want or need to leave, just do so respectfully, she doesn't expect all of us to do them, she just wanted to provide us an environment in which we could do so. Needless to say, I didn't do all of them. My friend and I stayed for an hour and then I looked over at her and she opened her eyes really wide, I nodded yes and we rolled up our pads and crept out. The instructor mouthed "thank you" at us and we waved "bye" and ran!

I am so sore today!!!