IMO, there isn't enough info to conclude either way.

Against the hotel manager: Apparently the mngr said something like, "I drove 15 miles on my day off to come in to clean the room...I can go run errands for an hour but then you need to be gone."


I hate when people do this.

I'm a landlord and my tenants and prospective tenants cause me inconvenience all the time, but that's not their problem. All they need to know are what the laws and policies are. It makes no difference if it's raining, if it's snowing, if I don't feel well, if no one else has paid their rent that month, if I have plans to go to the movies later, etc. No one is trying to hear all that. And that stuff is often thrown in to be manipulative when the facts aren't on your side.

Against the youtuber: I know she said something about being willing to pay for a last minute room. But did she? Did she offer? Did she ask how much rental of the room for 5 hours would cost? Did she leave a cc number as a deposit? (Money talks and BS walks, right?) What was her plan if her group broke for lunch and when they returned they found a different group using the room?

Her attitude about this didn't seem all that professional either, and like she was OkK"getting the hook up"...which doesn't always work out.

Does anyone know if Tiera, the receptionist, got in trouble? (I hope she didn't...seemed like she was just trying to be helpful.)