Yes, I draw both traditionally with pencil and paper and digitally. When I do digital drawings, I don't leave it as a sketch; I paint it in. Right now I'm at school so I can't take a picture of my traditional drawings and show you but I think my account on is called Astonied as well and you can see my digital paintings on there. I been kind of slacking though. I only draw portraits of people. I always have to use photos as references because I can't think up anything at the top of my head. I'm not a pro and I'm not a amataur either. I'm pretty good but I'd like to get better. I want to remember the anatomy of the human body in different positions so that I don't have to use references anymore. I wanted to be a concept artist in the future but I decided to pursue something else instead.
Last relaxer: 11/24/2011
Big chop: 03/13/2012
Type: 4a/b
Porosity: Low
Strand Thickness: Fine/Med
Density: Idk
Length: 5in TWA
Goal: WL
- Hot oil treatment with EVCO before every wash.
- Cowash 1x per week with GF triple nutrition conditioner
- Low poo 1x per mo. alternating from shea moisture african black soap shampoo & andalou naturals moisture rich
- Moisturize with water/aloe mix or KKNT and seal with EVOO as needed
- Sleep with satin bonnet
Wash & go

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