Yesterday I combed Curl Keeper into my daughter 11's hair after she washed. She has 3a/3b hair that is prone to frizz. In the morning when it first dried it looked crispy. She wanted it left that way so I didn't touch it. Mid-afternoon she had soft, shiny, defined curls. By evening it was getting fluffier, but she had spent a lot of time with her head against the couch so I blame that. This morning we used a wide-tooth comb for the tangles and spritzed all over with water. Since she's at school I don't know if the Curl Keeper reactivated or not. Anyway, so far I am very pleased. I am excited to continue to experiment with it.

She is the one who will try products. My other curly who is 14 let me put it in once too, but I don't think I used enough to make a difference and she declined it the next time.

I will have to watch the video mentioned.