Thank you !

This is my regimen

Monday - sulfatefree shampoo - deep condition - protein treatment - leave in
Tuesday leave in
Wednesday leave in
Thursday leave in
Friday leave in
Saturday leave in
Sunday leave in

I deep condition once a weeks
Protein treatment every 2/3 weeks
Claryfing shampoo once monthly

The only thing missing is a conditioner , i thought i could just use a leave in but now i read that you must also use a conditioner , how should i incorporate it into my regimen ?
Originally Posted by Dragonwell

I use: no poo- condish- leave in- seal il (oil) - and fsg

On days I do a DC I use :
no poo -DC (let it sit for 30 min while i clean the kitchen) - rinse it out - leave in- oil- and fsg
(i simply use the DC as condish (: )

Hope i could be of help!

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