I had the freakiest dream last night, scared the **** out of me. there was a christian denomination I wont name suddenly deciding to take over america by burning all nonmembers at the steak. for some reason my mom was still alive, and in 2008 era health, but I was still pregnant, and the two of us are running around the city together desprately trying not to be caught. meanwhile im desprately trying to get a hold of papi, but cell phones arent working. I go into labor, so my mom insists on taking me to the hospital. before we go in papi appears out of nowhere with the rest of my family crammed into his ford explorer. he says hes taking us to canada where we'll be safe. the dream ends with papi driving us north, windows open and I hear gun shots, screaming, and I smell smoke. I woke up in a cold sweat, terrified and confused, with the baby kicking up a storm.

first off I have no idea where the hell THAT came from, I wasnt thinking about anything like that last night. I watched the polar express for gods sake.

secomdly I hate dreams with momma in them. in the dreams shes always her healthy old self, and they always feel super real. so when I wake up, im always confused for like 10 minutes, before I remember her 3 years of illness and that shes gone. the realization always crushes me all over again

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