Hello Lauraimes, I'm from the Netherlands as well. I am NC for 1,5 years now. You can see my hair properties and products in my signature. (I might be somewhat of a PJ) I've tried even many more products than in my siggy.

Products like Jessicurl, Kinky Curly and Curl Junkie I buy online at Haarproducten voor kroes en krullend haar online kopen - Mariposa Import
It is a Dutch company, so you don't pay too much delivery costs and most of the times they deliver the day after ordering.

The cheaper (but not the lesser) products I purchase at the Etos: they sell the CPR Motions triple action Leave-in conditioner that I love so much and at the Kruidvat: the (very cheap!) detangler and LI: Kruidvat cremevoeding and Inecto Cocos conditioner.
I use the Leave-ins mostly as Rinse Out, because I don't need a lot of extra moisture since I use very moisturizing curl products like coconut oil (as a LI), Curl Junkie, Jessicurl and Etos solid power gel (great stuff! no -cones, no alcohol, doesn't flake).

What kind of products are you looking for? Mousses, gels or moisturizers? What does your hair need?
When your hair already curls a lot you might want to start with a low-poo (CJDF?), followed by a conditioner (CPR Motions Li/KCV), then seal with a nailtip of coconut oil (De Tuinen, 100%organic), maybe plop for a little while (can be beneficial for long hair) and diffuse or air dry the rest. When your hair still frizzes too much you could add a hold product like a gel(ly) to your regime.

It's always okay to PM me if you have any questions. Good luck!
2B/C-3A) fine - low porosity
Wash: Daily Fix,SMT, Kesham, Urtekram
RO: Motions CPR Li, Inecto Cocos co, AO GPB, KCTT
acv-rinse, sometimes honey-rinse
LI: coconut oil (winter), CJBC-LI
Styling: AVG, Etos Solid Power Gel, Taft gel, CJPP
Plopping~Pixiecurl diffuse~clipping