wow I just realized I replied to all of your posts. honey your posting alot quickly, lol. you need to study, before you start a thread, this board, along with the naturally curly main site, will help you, but you have to read first. theres just too much info that you need, that you wont get evwn if everyone answers every thread you post

first you need to learn your hair properties. curl type is a start to help you naviagate the board but really isnt all that helpful beyond giving you the correct name for your hair. there's no real such thing as "nappy" hair, just curl type/sizes. like are you a 2b, a 3c, or a 4b? these terms are more helpful than "my hair's not nappy"

next, in order to grow it out you need to learn your hair properties, are you low, normal, or high porosity? this basically makes it easier to figure out how to moisturize your hair, which is important. dry hair breakes easy, and breaking hair wont grow.

are your strands fine, medium or thick. important to know because it'll tell you how to best handle your hair.

you need to know all this because say for example you are a fine haired low porosity 4b, but you moisturize and comb like a thick haired normal porosity 2a, your hair will break off like gang busters and never grow. that doesnt mean (like most black folks believe) that the 4b is "bad" or "nappy" and wont grow, it just means your technique is wrong for your hair. ive actually seen girls with waist length "nappy" 4b hair. its all in the knowledge and technique. I hope this helps.

eta: forgot to add as for growing hair down not up, thats just a roll of the dice, there is no way to make hair grow down if it doesnt. the best you can do is hope and pray while its growing. and if at the end you find your hair grows up, well then style it to make it hamg down, roller sets and braid/twist outs.

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