I've taken two classes now! The first one yesterday was a restorative class, which was really nice and I think a good way to ease myself into practicing yoga. I felt really relaxed yet energized afterward, and my back pain temporarily went away.

The one I took today was Vinyasa style, so the poses went by pretty quickly, and for some of them I was looking around the room like, "Wait, what are we doing?!" and adjusting for most of that time, but I was sort of catching on to the ones we repeated toward the end. Along with various gentle corrections, I got a "beautiful" for my tree pose, and a woman who had clearly been doing this for awhile give me a "Good job!" and a wink at the end of the class, which was nice. Hooray for positive reinforcement! I'm very glad that the atmosphere of the class was basically the exact opposite of the passive aggressive competitive one others described in the derailed thread.

IDK if I'll ever bother correcting their pronunciation of my name, since I can't afford to come back after this free week. I'm hoping I'll have learned enough by then to be able to practice at home.

I have two choices for tomorrow's class: one at midday and another in the evening taught by candlelight. I'll be less able to look around and figure out what's going on in a candlelit room, but...how can I pass up the chance to do yoga by candlelight?! It's all speshul and whatnot!
I am definitely taking the evening class.

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