@CurlyB - Make sure your last sulfate shampoo didn't have any cones in it. They're sometimes easy to miss, but anything ending in -cone, -conol, or -xane is a silicone. There are a couple exceptions to the rule, but generally, if there's no PEG or PPG in front of it, then it isn't a water soluble cone and cowashing won't remove it. If you find one, and you're somewhere Suave Naturals is sold, any shampoo in that line is cheap and cone free for a last clarifying poo.

Like Ml001 said, dry straw-like hair is a typical indicator of protein overload. You can spot proteins in an ingredients list as themselves (eggs, collagen, keratin, etc.), as "hydrolyzed" substances, or as amino acids. If the stretch test isn't showing overload, your hair might be reacting to some other ingredient you're using on it.

Glycerin isn't a protein, but it is a humectant. If you're in a dry area (desert or winter), glycerin can cause dryness. It functions to pull moisture from what has the most to what has less. In the winter, that means glycerin can pull moisture out of your hair in an attempt to hydrate the dry air. That can leave hair looking frizzy and feeling dry too.

Also, just a suggestion, but if you don't know your hair properties yet (texture and porosity), then it's a good idea to figure them out. They help when picking products that will be more likely to agree with your hair. See here: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics
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