Sooo I just found out that my maybe boyfriend is into blonde wavy hair and that he doesn't really like my dark brown corkscrews (he actually told me).
Now I thought I was cool with that but ever since then thoughts of straightening and the usual jazz are back in my head...
I don't want to change my hair, I really don't but I don't know if a relationship can work with the thought of "I'd actually prefer anything but curly" in the room.
M I overreacting?

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Originally Posted by Scrit
I agree with the other ladies...and to second what prentonne said, what in the world is a "maybe" boyfriend?

I believe that if a guy likes/loves you, then he will accept all of the things that make you who you are. Men will have certain ideals and preferences that are influenced by various factors (society, friends, family, media) but ultimately a guy who is into you will appreciate what you have to offer. If you're not pretty enough in his eyes, then it's "next!" Move on to a guy who will see the beauty in your hair and in you.

I know that when we were dating, my husband didn't really like my hair. Actually I'm not sure he thought I was pretty at all. He'd never been with anyone like me before. But somehow his concept of beauty expanded. He went from being with straight-haired Caucasian blondes with flat butts to a mixed curly girl with crazy 4a/4b kinks and booty, hips, and thighs (sorry for being blunt). Now he digs my hair and thinks it's cool.

So your "maybe" boyfriend's notions of beauty can change like my husband's did, but they might not. And you know what? You are beautiful no matter what he thinks of your hair and there will be plenty of guys who would kill to be with a woman like you. So remember that before you pick up the flat iron and fry your curls trying to fit his notion of beauty. Instead of changing your hair, you might consider changing boyfriends...I'm just sayin'.

And onto the blonde disrespect to my fair-haired sisters, but luscious dark tresses are where it's at, you feel me? Curly blonde hair is pretty too, but it is often hyped in Western media as the ideal.

I guess what I'm saying is that you deserve to be with somebody who prefers YOUR type of hotness, not what is touted as conventionally hot. I have very small breasts and I will admit that I'm insecure about that...but the only way I would get a boob job is if I wanted to (so I can look smexy and stay making other chicks jealous. I kid, I kid! )

So it's up to you to decide if he is right for you. And no, you're not is natural to feel that way when your man says something that makes you feel less than desirable.