1) Wash with a no-poo or low-poo shampoo (no sulfates) there are some drug store brands, but I use Devacurl No poo. You can order that on-line.

2) put in conditioner (I use Devacurl OneC), but you can probably find a nice drugstore brand. I finger comb it through and I leave most of it in my hair.

3) scruch hair with a micro-fiber towel or t-shirt. don't use a regular towel and only scrunch it (no massaging it)

4) I use Curl Keeper (order on-line) as a base before Gel or curl cream. I rake it through with fingers.

5) I rake through some gel. There are a lot of drugstore brands, so you'll have too see what works. I use AG Re:coil sold at salons.

Diffuse or air dry and don't touch it until it completely dry. After it's dry, scrunch the crunch out and you're good to go!

That's basically the CG method.

3)apply product to very wet hair with fingers
4) dry and don't touch until dry
5) scrunch out crunch and go
3B, with some 3C