Sooo...ummm...I've been using a brush kit I purchased at Costco. That's probably bad, huh?
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Are you taking about the Kirkland brush set? I've heard amazing things about that set on the different makeup forums. People are speculating that the brushes are made for Costco by another brush manufacture. Those are supposed to be great brushes for the price.
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Those are the ones! I like them a lot, but the blush brush is starting to look a little ragged and the powder brush leaves broken bristles (are they called bristles? Words are failing me right now) all over my chest so I have to brush them off. Also, except for a couple brushes, they run on the small side.

I think you're right about the manufacturer. I've had brushes from pretty much everywhere and still do for some (Merle Norman, MAC, Sephora, drugstore and some I can't remember) and they were the best until I bought some painting and ELF brushes that I saw recommended on here and another site. I wanted slightly larger brushes.