I have more than one friend who gets [mostly beauty] information off social media (internet, youtube, twitta) then asks me about it, I say ive tried it and give my thoughts and they argue with me because the internet said differently. Even though ive TRIED it. I hate them all.

Or people who ask me questions then question and doubt my answer, GO AWAY.

"what can I use as a nice masque on my face" --honey is awesome. "Honey? i dont know, seems sticky" --it is but it rinses off easily. "I dont know" .. she never tried it, she was "scared".. of WHAT?
if it dissolves in your TEA easily why wont it rinse off easily?

I had one who kept complaining that her hair was dry, but wouldnt upgrade from aussie moist as her rinse out and vo5 as her leave in [which clearly werent working] because "she has too much hair" to buy the more expensive products I was recommending.. well stay brittle then.

Another hits me up with foolishness on a regular basis. This last time she hennad her hair, I said mix it with HOT tea, some honey and oils.. but "all the websites said cold water for dye release" .. Me; i always use hot, the dye releases .. days later she hits me up mad cause her henna mix sucked, she used cold water anyway. *SLAP*

Brittle hair went so far as to tell another friend "she thinks she knows everything" well apparently so do you, cause you keep asking me things like my name is Google. Why present your issues to me if you dont want me to give my thoughts? If you want to feel like you "learned" yourself dont ask at all, just try it.. thats what I do! smh.

Meanwhile my hair is luxurious and my skin is clear and theirs, is still struggling.

:End Rant:
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I know what you mean though...

"My hair is falling out and I flatiron every three days at least."

"Maybe you should try easing it up to at least no more than once a month."

"Nope, I can't it has to stay straight."

Like what can I do with that? Do you want to be bald? Your hair cant be straight once your bald honey.


You never stop learning...