@Depressed Curls I'm terrible at braids tooo but I'm going to keep trying until I'm an expert! I don't give up easily, but my buns are more forgiving.

I'm going to start bunning on the 21ist after my boyfriend goes back to camp Pendleton. He likes my hair loose, which isn't helping my case.
Curl Routine
Co: As I am Coconut CoWash,VO5 Claifying Conditioner
DC: Macadamia Repair Masque
LI: KCKT, Suave Naturals Coconut
Style Creme: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Gel: KCCC, Eco Styler Argan Oil
Sealer: EVCO, EVOO

3b/3c, High Desity, High Porosity, Medium Texture, BSL
""Live by the sun, love by the moon"