So I used to use QOD original, loved it, then I got the Organiq formula, hated it! When I flat ironed it, it squeaked on my hair, so I stopped using it altogether.
Then I ventured into Inoar, because of the fact that you could wash it the same day. The first bottle I got was kind of okay, extremely strong smell though. The second bottle was even worse, the formula lasted a week or so before it started fading out and the smell was even worse. I still have the rest of the bottle, but I decided that I have to find something new.

So I was looking online and there are SO many kinds to choose from now, although I don't know if half of them are available for sale to non-professionals. Aphrodiva, I was wondering if you like the Kerapremium so far, and if the smell from it bothers you too much. Or have you tried or heard of something other than that that might be good to try?

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