I also ordered the Roots Stimulator on Black Friday. I didn't want to say too much too early. But I feel like I can now say I can see growth in just a few short weeks. My situation is that I have alopecia in my nape area. I only use this in my nape as the rest of my hair is bsl and Im good with that. My nape has been slowly filling in so I have a mixture of bald patch and curls that are much shorter than the rest of my hair. Also this section my hair is much looser and doesnt seem like cowashing so I have to shampoo with a gentle poo bar, condition and seal my nape hair every day to keep it moisturized. So lately I have been using the Rootz Stimulator and my curls have definitely grown in that area. and the bald patch i can feel more peach fuzz. RS is mild enough that I can shampoo my nape every day, not dc and not have a problem. I am still continueing with my JBCO which has been working well for me but I think works even better paired with this poo bar. I actually email Laquita about possibly adding JBCO to the ingredients and she said she was interested if she can find it whole sale. Anyway, anyone with hair loss issues I think should try this. If it doesnt work it is not expensive. Bobeam also has a growth oil. I haven't tried that.
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Thank you for that info AT! You and I are in the same boat. I'm not sure if it's alopecia that I have but I've also experienced a sort of hair loss centered around my crown area in the right center of my hair. I think I put too much stress on that area so I've been very easy on that section. I've never thought about getting that bar but will definitely consider it when I place my next order. I use the JBCO extra dark. That one is muchh thicker and the scent is stronger also but I like it for scalp massages. I also add some rosemary oil to my fingers and massage in. It's been growing slowing but surely. The rest of my hair is fine that's the only section that's causing me problems so I definitely understand. I hope the bar continues to work and you keep seeing results