I'm pretty new at this too, I'm quickly becoming a product junkie! Fun though!!

Ok, today I used kinky curly come clean (cowash)and then some knot today. While still very wet I put shea/coconut oil in ends (about 3 inches). Then I put my homemade flax seed oil made with some also homemade vanilla oil (cause I hate the smell of flax seed). Then I crunch with my new crunching towel and put in joico whip. It worked pretty good, lots of bounce and twirls. The only thing is I can never get second day hair, no matter what I try, I have to cowash everyday as my hair gets too gunky.
2c wavy with some twirls
Porosity mixed,(damaged) fine medium density, highlights
KC line, still exploring
Homemade whipped shea/coconut/almond conditioner