Not that they don't want to get a green card...but they will never be permitted to get one.
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I am not that familiar with the laws but in the U.S. why would one not be able to after marriage unless they are a criminal and not allowed to stay? In that case, no it would be very hard. You are always worrying about deportation on some level and hiding. I guess you'd have to be mad crazy in love and be willing to move out of country if the love was that strong. I never say never..(looking at my situation now lol).
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I guess it's at the discretion of the INS, but if you once had a legal visa, you have a much better chance of being given amnesty. But if you just came over w/o ever any documentation, you have less of a chance. And if you came here illegally before, were caught and deported and then came back illegally again, you have basically no chance.
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Is it still called INS? Thought it was called something else now...

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