Would it matter if the person's staus was such that even after you married him/her, the person would never get a green card or citizenship?
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To your original question, absolutely yes I would if I loved the person and who they were and was certain they weren't using me for citizenship. People are illegal for many reasons. Some, like springcurl's son in law, are brought by their parents and have little control. Others are fleeing for their lives or fleeing extreme poverty. If someone could come from those circumstances and become a person I'd be interested in with the appropriate attributes/credentials etc. they would be a remarkable and interesting person. Some of my ancestors were illegal immigrants - I don't like how immigration is restricted and illegals are stigmatized today when we look at the facts of how the new world was built.

If they would never get citizenship, I am not sure I would marry them, because this would leave our family life at constant threat of disruption if they could be deported or denied certain rights. I would not want to have children in such circumstances and I would not get married without knowing children were an option.
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Brief side note: I met so many interesting and remarkable people, while working at H&R Block, who were here on visas. They were horrified about returning home. Most from Russia were scared they would never see their tax refund check. The mail trucks carrying them were often stopped and robbed. I always felt so horrible for them.

On a brighter note, many others who came here to work have fallen in love, married, and remained.
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