It's after the fact but I just wanted to say that I agree completely with Lotsawaves. Did you end up telling him? How did the date go overall?

I also had a first date last night and it went really well. Plus I have a 3rd date this weekend with a guy I thought was out of the picture. On top of that, the thing with the two-month guy that I thought had fizzled out naturally since neither one of us texted the other for days has suddenly resurfaced (so I need to officially end it). It's seriously feast or famine.
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We had to reschedule the date! Ughhh


I always knew my phone missed a lot of calls. But I never realized it misses about 50% of them. I conducted an experiment this week and I am stunned by how crappy my phone is. Men are always mad at me for blowing them off and not returning calls...and my relationships seem to be punctuated by a bit more communication drama than other people's.

Now I see why. So glad I'm scheduled for a phone upgrade next month!

Make sure your phone are working, daters!
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Not related to dating, but I've been missing about 50% of calls lately, also. Very frustrating.

I recently learned that the cell phone companies are switching their towers out to be 4G, and that anyone whose phone is not 4G capable is suffering major service problems.

I just ordered a new 4G capable phone, despite having just purchased a new phone in July.
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Yeah, I'm still on a 3G Samsung Galaxy.

So if I upgrade next month, but someone else is still on a 3G or older, will the issue be that he/she doesn't get my calls/texts or that I don't get his/hers?

These phones are so ~advanced~ they contained GPS readers and video cameras and bar code scanners...but you can't freaking use them to call someone!