Sat in my henna gloss yesterday for about an hour then did a moisturizing deep conditioner with Jessicurl. My hair is stronger and happier. It also has a lot of sheen and was particularly manageable. I will use the conditioner each week so I can give a full review of the effects. So far so good, my hair did seem 'plump' this morning. There has been no change in color.
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I look forward to your review [/QUOTE]

So, this week I noticed my hair was definitely thicker, had more weight and was easier to manage. This is surprising to me because as yet I still have had only one application recently. Here is the funny part, its midweek, and I am STILL not experiencing frizz. That is very odd for my hair. I repeat VERY ODD. I want to reapply this week, but though my hair still feels soft I don't want to push it with back to back henna treatments. I'm a little concerned since the gloss I am using also has keratin that I will suffer from protein overload (my hair is funny about protein sometimes). I will push it to every two weeks. But yeah, I'm excited. I wore a bun all week and didn't even have to stop to redo it midweek. I kept getting compliments on my hair too. This is awesome progress for me. I will report back on my detangling process, that is the true test, whether I have decreased shedding. Though with the way my hair has been feeling I get the impression I wont have much shedding.


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