We had to reschedule the date! Ughhh


I always knew my phone missed a lot of calls. But I never realized it misses about 50% of them. I conducted an experiment this week and I am stunned by how crappy my phone is. Men are always mad at me for blowing them off and not returning calls...and my relationships seem to be punctuated by a bit more communication drama than other people's.

Now I see why. So glad I'm scheduled for a phone upgrade next month!

Make sure your phone are working, daters!
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Not related to dating, but I've been missing about 50% of calls lately, also. Very frustrating.

I recently learned that the cell phone companies are switching their towers out to be 4G, and that anyone whose phone is not 4G capable is suffering major service problems.

I just ordered a new 4G capable phone, despite having just purchased a new phone in July.
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Yeah, I'm still on a 3G Samsung Galaxy.

So if I upgrade next month, but someone else is still on a 3G or older, will the issue be that he/she doesn't get my calls/texts or that I don't get his/hers?

These phones are so ~advanced~ they contained GPS readers and video cameras and bar code scanners...but you can't freaking use them to call someone!
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I know! I really just need a cell phone for - get this - making calls!

Not sure, but my guess would be that the person on 3G won't (always) get your calls/texts and people on 3G will continue to have an increasingly harder time making calls and getting texts to actually send. I'm still receiving texts and voice mails, but I'm not getting the actual call, and it takes up to 30 minutes for a text to be sent, if it even sends at all.
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