Hey. I think I mostly have 3B/C curls. This is my routine.

After freshly washed hair usually using conditioner only I squeeze out the excess water and part my bangs. If I don't part my bangs while its wet then they will not co-operate. Anyway I proceed to put in my leave-in conditioner. Right now I'm using Blue Magic carrot oil. It isn't like a vaseline texture but it's a liquid base. I try to change my leave in conditioner every other month.

I define my curls using the rake and shake method. You pretty much take a section of hair finger comb it and before you drop it grasp the ends and shake it. You can research it if you want. Then I let it air dry. I do not use a diffuser. One because of heat and two it doesn't co-operate with my hair lol.

Hope I helped and happy curly days.