Its official that my curly isn't getting her gifts until after Christmas. I'm hoping she's orthodox (although I know she isn't!) so that it will still be early!

But she will definitely be getting it during the week next week. Even if I have to deliver it myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

But so that she knows, I've been shopping diligently. There is something special that I'm looking for and nothing has fit the bill just yet. I have a couple of other places I'm going to check out before I just decide to do it myself! (in which case I will have to deliver it by hand since I'm such a perfectionist and will be tweaking and tweaking until I'm totally happy with it.)
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It would be great if you were my secret santa, because then you'd have to hand deliver it!

I did the same thing. I got home and realized I left the card out of my curly's box. Ugh!! Sorry secret curly. Post office says you'll have your package tomorrow (we both live in California hint hint). So I will stalk this page and delivery confirmation and pm you when its there. And you card will go out tomorrow. :-) Still plenty of time before Christmas.
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OK, it's not Curlyminx, so is it me or you Springy? Or are there other CA curlies in the mix this year? So, CA curlies, maybe we shouldn't post until mcheryce's gift arrives, so as not to spoil the game!

And..........on another note.............someone's gift is on the way!!!! I had to stop myself from shopping, it was just so much fun!

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