Soo, I moved a year ago (from the south to midwest).. and the problems began. I neverrr wore my hair curly when I lived in the south because I was so used to straightening it (CHI iron) and when it was curly it would just frizz and I figured there was nothing I could do about that. NOW that I live in the midwest (dryer climate) I reallyyy want to wear my hair curly, but I have a bunch of problems. . .

1. I can't wear it curly because it turns into a huge mess when it dries. (most of the curls are pretty defined when its soaking wet besides some frizz here and there)

2. Since I can't wear it curly I have to straighten it, BUT now when I straighten my hair it looks dry, brittle, and it won't move like it should... & my ends look TERRIBLE.

3. My hair started breaking off when I came here and it's just gotten shorter and shorter.

4. The lady that cut my ends about last month says my hair is damaged (it was straight) and that I need a protein treatment, BUT I did a porosity test and my hair stayed at the top (low porosity, so I should stay away from protein, right?).

I just wanna know...... Is my hair just dry, or is it actually damaged? IS it possible for my hair to be damaged AND have a low porosity? Any product suggestions? I'm LOST.

*sigh* Hair is so confusing. .

BTW: I've always been natural (no perms relaxers, etc.)