In August, before school started for me, I decided to start dreadlocks. 3 or 4 months later I got kind of grossed out with how they were looking (it was turning into one big chunk matted to the back of my head) so I decided to start to comb it all out.

After I was done combing my dreads out, I was only left with about chin-length hair. I went to the salon to get it cut properly and was left with a bob. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my curls, but the length is kind of awkward with my face and I REALLY REALLY want to grow it out at least to my shoulders by the end of the year.

Think I can do it? I also wanted to add that I now have a little more than 2 weeks of winter break starting tomorrow so I could maybe get a head start then. How long do you think my hair can possibly grow in 2 weeks? Also, what are some things I can buy or stuff I can do to get it to grow?