The problem may be doing all of those things at once! What usually causes that hard and dry hair feeling is protein. I think the issue you are having is protein overload. If your hair was doing just fine without protein, then you added those 3 proteins from the natures gate conditioner, you may have completely overloaded your strands. Imagine someone that usually eats a small plate of food daily and has always been fine. Then all of a sudden they decide to eat 3 large plates of food in one sitting. That is a shock to the system and so is introducing hair to protein, especially when it hasn't given you any inclinations that it actually needs it.

DON'T WORRY! My suggestion would be to switch back to the old conditioner you were using. Normalize your hair before trying anything new and try one thing at a time but I think you know that now. I am not a fan of ACV + BS because you are basically mixing an acid and a base on human hair. If you must do this, normalize your hair before trying it again to see whether it is beneficial for your hair.


What was the protein free conditioner you were using?
I have a youtube channel [cassochinadoll] where I explain the difference between protein sensitive and protein overload and how to tell which one you have.