As I was in the shower today, I did my bi-weekly low-poo and noticed that my hair was not, as we like to call it, stripped. My scalp had build-up though, so I must have washed it at least three times (with the low-poo) and then co-washed before de-tangling.

The most amazing thing was that my hair was still not stringy or stripped anywhere in the process. Granted, I have low porosity hair, but considering that I battled dryness (due to not being able to figure out how to open my cuticle) for years, I was ... flabbergasted?

After detangling (which took forever, but that's a different story), I washed out all the conditioner (which I don't usually do) and realized that my hair was still soft.

I've been so used to having product in my hair that I can barely believe that there's very little difference, except maybe the clumping and extra hold that helps me through the day. I'm pretty sure the new resilience is a mixture of the castor oil and CG.

Thoughts on your own naked hair after CG? (I will freely admit that before CG, I would not walk out of the shower without a crap load of conditioner still in my hair---SLS was that drying.)
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