I honestly don't know (I'm also low porosity, by the way). There are some things that I use that foam, but a change in application has helped this. For example, when I use GDLI, I must apply it to damp, not wet hair, or else it foams like mad.

Today, my AO Camillia Rose also kinda foamed, though after a little bit of steaming and combing through the hair, the foaming stopped, and I washed it out.

Maybe it was the poly-quats or the sulfate family stuff? Though today, I washed with Burt's Bees Gud shampoo, which has the same cleaning ingredient, and I didn't have any issues.

Is the product still in your hair, by the way? I can't really tell from your description whether the foaming is an aftermath thing, or you still can't wash it entirely out of the hair.
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