I haven't watched this season but I saw .2 seconds at my parents' house and I said, OMG, that's Blair Warner! People had to be TOLD she was a child star? Have these people ALWAYS lived in an island with no electricity?
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You're hilarious! But yeah, I was surprised none of the older contestants knew. Artis? Jeff? Denise?
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I read an interview with Denise and she said she recognized her right away, and she's the one who told Penner.

here it is

"I knew who she was from the minute I saw her," Stapley says. "Come on, Family Ties, Facts of Life, I loved that stuff! I knew who she was from day one. I talked to her about it during the mud ball challenge when she was pinning me in the mud for hours. I asked if everyone knew who she was and she said no and she wanted to play as long as she could as Lisa. I was thinking strategically that I might need her down the line and for me to out her would ruin that. When I got to Kalabaw I outed her to Penner. He thought he knew her from somewhere or recognized her and then it was confirmed for him."

from: 'Survivor' Winner Denise Stapley Totally Knew Blair from 'Facts of Life' | Hollywood.com
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