I just wanted to chime in one more time on this topic although it's so far from it's original poster's question, it really should be a new topic by now.

I've posted a little bit about growing up in Baltimore and some hurtful treatment that I received as a mixed race individual, but I truly value the way that it made me view other races... essentially that being around people of other races, in my case black and white, although we had a few asians and spanish people by the time I got to high school, is normal. People from all white areas just don't seem to get it sometimes.

I have a friend who is black and albino, so his skin is white and his hair is blond. We actually had a couple of black albino people in my school system growing up so I've seen it before. I cannot even imagine the mistreatment he must have received growing up from all sides. But the worst is people I meet who have also met him through our circle of friends who literally say to me, WHAT I did not know he was black?! Are you kidding me? You can't recognize African features? It blows my mind.

I feel that I've always had a knack for identifying people's ethnic makeup, but I also use cues other than just visual, such as the way they talk, the way they dress, the way they interact with people, even their names. I am a person who takes everything in and doesn't miss much, but some people are just clueless.
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