I am half Korean by my mother and half Caucasian, with a dash Native American thrown in there, from my father's side. Growing up, I was too Korean for my father's family and too white for the Korean side of mother's family. It's a tricky place to be. I've been asked if I'm "Oriental", "Latina", "Indian" and the like and it is never a fun conversation to have.

You seem like you look "exotic" (another favorite descriptor of mine ::eyeroll: which intrigues people - and sometimes makes them forget their manners.

Sounds ridiculous, but when people ask me what race/nationality/ethnicity/species I am, I simply question them back, with a giant smile and sweet countenance:

"Why do you ask?"

Dear Abby taught me that one. It helps to get to the bottom of what information they are seeking without sounding bitter or annoyed. Many times, people are just curious. Other times, they are out to poke a bit of fun at you.

I wish I could tell you that it stops as you get older, but I'm 32 and I still get my fair share of "profiling." It is just a fact of life, unfortunately. Getting into people's faces about THEIR insensitivity usually causes more problems than it's worth. Just remember: You can't fix stupid. Coming up with some witty comebacks might help in the short term, but I found that it usually causes people to become more aggressive with their taunting.

::hugs:: Eventually, you will learn that what makes you different is what makes you special. Find and surround yourself with people that love and accept you for what you are: HUMAN - just like you said!
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