Apparently it seems Christmas day will also be known as "The Day of Pork". Here's what I finally decided on for nibbles:

-Sausage cheese balls

-Baked ham and cheese sliders

-Ham roll ups (the kind with cream cheese and sweet pickles)

-Baked crab and brie spinach dip (recipe calls for lobster, but I'm feelin' the crab instead)

-Puff pastry cheese straws

-Spicy craisin nuts

-Caramel heavenlies

And I've told the neighbor to bring over whatever flips her skirt. I mentioned to her that it seems like we need a vegetable in there somewhere and she replied "It's Christmas, we don't need vegetables."

I'm still trying to figure out what to make for Mr. Spring and I for Christmas Eve dinner. I know it will involved ham, just not sure what else.

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